Thursday, October 21, 2010

J3. Die Forming Crowdsource

I want to start out by saying this project was very emotional for me. I do not wish to give too much away for the entire concept because I feel that it will create a bias in some way as to the feedback I want to receive. So, in a quick summary of the project:

The project was to create a container using all the processes we have learned to this point and well as using a new technique of die-forming. For my subject matter, I decided to create a small box in which a note to a deceased relative would be encapsulated. This box was designed off of the different flowers and colors and senses I could remember from this person when I was a young child. Every part of the exterior of the die-form and the interior of the box that is to hold the note was carefully considered and planned for this person. The entire box was made for this person and this person alone. To create a sense of being private and internal the box is sealed in gut that binds it closed. The gut is fragile and can be easily ripped into. It is a representation of the thin barrier I put up to protect myself from the painful memories of loosing this individual. The gut also creates a barrier between the viewer and the piece protecting the note with very personal feelings from the outside world and the viewer.

The box will be shown below with the gut being ripped into, this is merely so that it can be viewed, also the gut takes off any patina that has been done unless it is sealed. I used a liver of sulfur patina making it hard to seal. If anyone has a suggestion of how it can be sealed without removing this patina I would very much like to find out so that the gut does not rip off the patina if it is ever removed for display purposes.

This is the piece in all the angles I captured. Thank you again for your time and comments can be left below or  emailed to, if your coming from my facebook page, questions and comments may be asked there as well. Also, if you wish more detailed information you may visit the rest of my blog where you will find many posts detailing very aspect of this project and the process. Any questions you may have can be asked in the comment section below or again emailed to me directly.

Exterior with gut ripped for display. 

Quick Note: The gut here would be completely covering the back and the adhesive squares would be affixed to the covering gut allowing it to be placed anywhere on the body.

Close-up of Top and with detailing of bottom

Interior without Note

Interior Space with note inside. 

Showing it with one possible placement on the body. It is only meant to be worn when you want a physical memory of this person.