Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Color are your GUTS Part 2!

This is the results of yesterdays dying of gut:

I also experimented with mixing the colors:

I am loving the red/yellow and the blue. There is not enough difference in the color of the green for me and for my project I really think that reddish one is where I want to go with it. This is all a single layer of gut put on styrofoam to dry. The Styrofoam gives it this really cool texture that I want to play up in the future. I have also found that it looks the best when it is still attached to the metal and hasn't been pulled off the first time. I did find; however, that you can re-wet the gut and smooth it back over the metal to get a similar effect. I have also found that mod podge sufficiently coats the metal so it does not stick and seems to protect it slightly from the wetness of the gut. 

Also, a single layer of gut can be dried in about 5 minutes with a hair dryer on a low setting.