Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Sticker Design Ideas

I have decided to go away from the idea of window clings because they are quite expensive to print and there are not many good ways to print them at home. Instead I think I am going to use stickers with a low adhesion rate for the same purpose. Stickers are still easily removed and will not harm bathroom stalls or mirrors if they are not super sticky. I can also do smaller versions that could be placed on makeup boxes at retail stores.

So here are some of the "sketches" or prototypes of my ideas:

This is my first idea, It is a small rectangular sticker with the single kiss mark.

This is the second version of that one a little larger with multiple kiss marks.

Small product sticker that could be placed at the corner of a mirror or on a make-up box.

just another design for a larger sticker

So this is a really basic oval sticker.

These are just a bunch of small stickers of product boxes or mirrors

New Idea?

* Put the stickers on packaged cosmetics that are in a basket that say "free".

Make it a two part project, with the free make up in the basket, the stickers on the mirrors

The History of Cosmetics (a summary)

"A Women without Paint, is like a food without salt." Roman Philosopher, Plautus

Make-up began as a form of ornamentation in early cultures. It was predominantly seen in the Egyptians in Eye Make-up, used to keep dust and flies out of the eyes. From, there it became a symbol of your status in society. Women would put leeches on their skin in order to make themselves pale and use arsenic (a main ingredient in rat poison) to stain their lips a dark orange. In the early days, it was quite dangerous to wear makeup and was reserved for the elite and for actors and preformers as a symbol of status.

Cosmetics evolved over the course of history from practicality to the idea that make "enhances beauty". There is an obsession in our current culture with cosmetics. There is a general feeling that cosmetics enhance your confidence and make you look and feel better. Many women even link their daily successes to use of make-up.

In 2007, a graduate student at Hanover College named Sarah Scott, researched the influence of comestics on every day anxiety. She proved there was a link between the anxiety you feel at any given situation and type of make-up you are wearing. Her thesis report can be found here:

In todays cosmetics, there are many harmful chemicals lurking as well. It is important when buying cosmetics to look at the contents. Many lipstains or skin stains have arsenic or other harmful poisons that exposure over a long time can cause serious health concerns. To this day many cosmetics are not regulated by the goverment so it is important to know what you are putting on your face.