Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Materials- Sustainable Project- Brainstorming, Review, and Research

Okay so here is what I have so far, feel free to leave any feedback or information for me <3
Sketchbook Brainstorms-
Design Review in Class
Post-Class Research of "Fruit Socks"

J2. Project 1- Reflection

Working with the different metal surfacing was a unique opportunity I will carry forward throughout my work. The surface of a piece is the first thing that someone sees when they interact with a piece. The physical sensations the surface creates gives the viewer an initial response to the work. The color and texture create the mood and feel of the work.

I am in love with creating texture with the hammer to the metal. It can be layered and made to interact with the metal in different ways. It also shows the hand of the artist. I also like how many natural textures can be mimicked in the metal using the layering and stroke of the hammer. I also enjoy etching because it allows the metal to look the way I drew it and conceptualized it in my sketchbook.

The process that I find the most frustrating was the roll printing. There are so many conditions that have to be perfect in order to get an output that is desirable. I want to practice more of this in the future because I feel that a lot can be done with this technique. I also found that patina work with a torch can produce beautiful colors but, it is  rather hit or miss for what comes out. I think that more practice with this as well can get some very nice results.

I really liked this project. I found that my theme being dreams allowed for a lot of different representations of the same idea and allowed for a flow of ideas throughout the process. I think that I should have limited myself a bit more though because I feel a few of the pieces did not quite seem as part of a collection of work where a lot of the rest of it did.