Thursday, April 22, 2010

Materials- Hype Cuff In Use!

Here are some of the pics from the Media Pressure Cuff in use. 

Materials- Sustainable Project- More Material Samples

I was playing with some different materials as part of my 5 samples and here is some of the progress.

Recycled Paper Pulp-

Okay, So....I don't know why these are taking forever to dry, I did them last Sunday (its thursday) and they are still pretty wet, but here is the "paper pulp". I played with a few different consistencies and coloring techniques. The more water you put in and the less paper makes a thin film that you can use to make paper, the thicker the pulp created (meaning less water) it becomes like a clay almost.

The green colored one I infused herbs into so it has a lovely smell to it. I want to put dirt in it and some seeds and see if it works as a nice recycled seeder pot. 

(to be continued)