Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 12 - Recap.

First off, 100th blog post! Continuing on....

This week I got  a lot accomplished. I feel as though I am on track for the rest of the semester FINALLY!

Design and Production:
My final prototype models came in, and they were prefect. Very few changes were made and the final versions were sent out today. They will arrive next week for final assembly. I ordered the boxes, stickers, and business cards. That means I just have to design and send out the earring cards and care cards. They can probably be done right before Thanksgiving with any luck once I see the exact size of the boxes. I was happy I could even find boxes in orange and I think with my stickers it will be really nice.

Jewelry 3-
Moving right along with the injection molding. It has picked up the pace a bit and I have probably 1/3 of the pieces molded. I hope to have the rest finished by early next week so I can finish them all and dye them all before the end of the week giving me about a week to assemble them for the critique. Also, the 3D models came in that I want to integrate. They are small which I don't know if I will like the feel of them onces I see them on the piece. Originally, I was going to cast the large one in the epoxy. I think that might still be the plan, but, I will have to see with time restraints if that is still possible. I also sent out the hinged version of this model out so, I should be receiving it shortly.

As a side project, I also created a double-scale ring with moving ball bearings and floating rings that are capped off with a ball. It worked perfectly. I want to scale it down and send it out with a few other models I made with ball bearings and moving elements. They are all tests for something larger I have cooked up for over break. 
And a group shot of everything that came in this week.