Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nurse-In, 2/10/2011

My mom brought to my attention an article that went viral today about the Nurse-In scheduled for this Saturday. (here is the link for those who haven't heard). I think there is a general distaste for breasts in this country that I do not understand. I will be attending Nurse-in in support for these women. I do not have a child but I was breastfed when I was a child and I think it is within every women's right to feed their child in public. I understand the Hirshhorn was not responsible for these two contractors that asked the women to leave, but that is not the point. What's more important is that they thought this was wrong, and in fact they were breaking the law asking her to leave. Women and mothers need to know their rights and I think the protest needs to take place for awareness.

On a side note, I want to visit the Hirshhorn and the Smithsonian anyway! So it's all good!

Spring 2011. Whale Food.Semester Kick-off Party!

 So, the theme for this semester's kick-off party is Modified Pudding. Seeing as I am not a huge pudding fan and I did not have any I made my favorite mold-able snack treat--Rice Krispy Treats! (in the shape of a really big salmon/whale).
It's pretty big! That's about a 18" long cooking sheet!

It's watching you!

Spring 2011.Week 2. Figure Studies

Had my first two classes with figure models this week. This is not my first ever, in fact I think it is my 3rd figure modeling class. I love anatomical studies and figure drawing.

Quick 1 minute poses

More 1 minute poses

5 minute pose

5 minute pose

20 minute sculpture 

30 minute sculpture

Spring2011. Casting. Cuttlebone Casting

Today we did cuttlebone casting. It was a fun experience though mine unfortunately did not make it. I want to thank Rachel for her time and expertise in helping us pour our metal though!

Spring 2011.Week 1.Sketches

I think my focus for my wax studies project is somewhere between a study of anatomy and an obsession with decay and death. I don't know if the analysis of death reads in my sketches so far, but I don't know how totally important that is to the series. After work tomorrow I am going to crank a bunch of sketches out and sculpt a few of them. I feel like I know where I am going, but I am not quite there yet.