Friday, February 4, 2011

Spring 2011.Week 1. Anatomical Studies and the Analysis of Death

For casting, we have a project I have already mentioned briefly to take an asymmetrical and a symmetrical object and take them from a skeletal state to a skinned state. This means having a mesh like outside to a fully rendered image. I keep thinking of this like it is a 3D model and you are looking at it in wireframe, ghosted, rough rendered, fully rendered in its four states. When I started to think about it, I started to think about the human body. I originally in my head was thinking about how we have skeletons all the way to skin, but I then thought thats way too literal. So, I then started to think about when we die, the only thing that ends up of use is our skeleton and from there I started to think about how over time if left exposed even the skeleton will begin to wear away over hundreds or thousands of years.

I started to think about what things look like when they wear away, like the pocketed surface of things and I took some pictures of cracked rocks and surfaces I could find and I am taking a lot of surface texturing ideas from them. (On a side note, there are about 100 of these and I will be uploading them to my Flickr tonight).  I started to draw out distinctive looking bones and figures and I think what I want to do from here is to take these textures and begin to apply them over the surface of the bones to show how over time nature breaks down them. So far I am working on the 'SKIN' end of the spectrum with the full bone intact.

I am going to keep working on them throughout this weekend so just check back. Also, the rest of the texture samples can be found here.  Enjoy <3