Thursday, November 5, 2009

Final Design Research for Project 2
International Council on Eating Behaviors/Habits. They have a project called "EatWell" which doesn't tell you what to eat and what not to eat just tells you to be smart about how you do things. Gets away from scolding people which leads to eating disorders.
Boston Globe article about how they are cutting lunch time and play time to increase time in class. This makes kids eat faster. It teaches bad eating behaviors when you are young.
Kids are not being given proper time to eat and socialize leading to behavior disorders later in life.
British "hour lunch" is more like 3.5 minutes of actual eating and the rest shopping and running errands.
When it comes to eating lunch, workers concentrate on other things:62.7% of workers consider the 60-minute lunch hour the biggest myth in office life.57.9% eat lunch at their desk while continuing to work.55.6% multitask during lunch (28.9% eat and run errands, 26.7% eat and e-mail or shop online).51.8% take 30 minutes or less for lunch. 21.9% eat at a restaurant or other eatery.20.2% eat in the company cafeteria.