Monday, October 5, 2009

Swine Flu Blog from Last Week

Apparently one of my blogs did not post last week, so I am going to repost it.

So, I have been very curious how the rest of the world is treating the swine flu pandemic (and yes folks like it or not its a pandemic). I wanted to see if it was just the U.S. media causing a stir or whether the hysteria had reached the other side of the world as well. I went to and I found an article about a women who was diagnosed with swine flu in vietnam (and died from it later that week)

Honestly, they were just as bad as we are. Do you know that 3600 healthy Americans die every year of the regular flu? The swine flu is slightly more deadly with the chance of the secondary infection in your respiratory system. I think the world needs to take a chill pill. Many scientists have said "its not if the next pandemic is coming but WHEN it will hit". We are due for another pandemic and we can't put off the inevitable. People are going to die. Most don't know that pandemics are generally caused by overpopulation as natures way of culling off some of the herd. People just can't accept that one day their time will come. We can't live forever and we are not made to. Sooner or later our number will be up and we have to accept it. If my number is up this year due to swine flu then so be it. Its life people chill out!