Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silicone Casting Video, Part 1

What I did this afternoon =3

Spring 2011.Week 3.Recap (sorta)

This week has been fun. I feel that it was productive, but of course it could always be more productive, but I have a few more days left in the week. 
Here are some images of my figure class:
Poor model was sick, I felt sorry for her, but she still did some nice poses. 

I think we had about 15 Minutes to do this. 

Didn't really touch this side. :(

This speaks for itself.
Anyway, next class we will be doing a pose for the entire class. This sounds awesome to me. I can't wait, so be prepared for a post next Tuesday with this!

From the first pose of the day. I wish I had moved to a different angle to draw this. It was a 35 minute drawing in conte. I think it came out pretty well. 
Casting is coming along well. Be prepared for updates throughout the weekend as I work on my sketches for the Blood Diamonds project as well as my Wax Studies. 

Getting more refined I still am standing out some of the scratches and patching up as I go,  but it's getting there. 
Skeletal Form

I will upload some sketches and some more forms later, but I think things are coming along quite well!