Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Green Purse Project

I was reading the Baltimore Examiner online today and I came across an article about the women who won the trip to Copenhagen to talk at the climate meeting. She is a local mom, and founder of the Big Green Purse campaign. ( article)

I did some research into this campaign and its pretty awesome. It's basically a grassroots idea to take $1000 of your household budget and devote it to green projects. If everyone did this it would compound into an astronomical effect. ( Basically, this style is super effective. The way to change something is person by person. If this idea catches on like it has been it will create green "doorways" in every house to promote change.

I really hope this idea goes nationally. Even if you can't devote $1000, what about $100? Just changing your lightbulbs to CFLs would dramatically bring down electric costs! It's not just good for the environment but good for your wallet. In the long run all those "green ideas" will turn out to be very helpful. (Like composting and using it as fertilizer for some veggies maybe) Who knows!