Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 11 - Design and Production - Responses to Your Work

Thinking about an Artist Statement again...

A. Are there any emotions you are trying to elicit? What are the formal qualities you would like people to recognize? What do you want them to say about your use of materials? Or subject matter? What would you really like for people to say about your art?

I try to elicit a sense of thinking, I think I want to create a sense of awareness about my work. I want it transcend "art" and make it more interesting as an object. The formal qualities I don't always go after, I feel like they fall into place without much thought, in the same point I think that formal qualities are ingrained in my process that I naturally make specific decisions about my work. I try to use new techniques and materials and hope to stay on the edge of technology and I try to keep my subject matter pretty current. I would really like people to not specifically talk about my work but, about the topic that the artwork is about. I like to cause discussion with my pieces.

B. I want to examine current social issues and issues that are not as apparent. I want to create work that has an interesting feel due to a deeper emotional ideal. I want to create artwork that makes people take a second look and not fully understand, I want them to question, to touch, to turn a piece in an attempt to find meaning. I want people to examine and analyze.

C. People tend to look at my work and turn it many directions. They tend to ask "what's that?" or to come up with their own definition of what it is. I enjoy this a lot. I tend to in person guide them by asking what they think of a certain part of aspect.

      a. The subjects or style I choose are personal or in the moment because I feel that they are more interesting and culturally motivated.
       b. I am most inspired by things happening around me. I want to stay in the moment but, I also want to explore the past. I try to blend the two.
       c. I choose my materials because I am interested in what they can do. I like to experiment and see if I can take something farther then it currently is.
       d. I think viewers are most interested in my forms and shapes. They are not what they are normally used to seeing so it creates a dynamic response. It encourages them to twist and turn the models until they feel that they "know" what they are looking for.