Thursday, November 19, 2009

Converted Organics Inc.

Found this while browsing, there is a company called Converted Organics Inc, where they take organic products and remake them into new ideas. This year they are introducing a line of totally organic fertilizers.

Okay, here is my problem! THIS IS GROUNDBREAKING??? I mean seriously this is not something new. They are taking old technology and bringing it back into a new world. But, I am not saying this is bad. I think its a step in the right direction I am just wondering why this is so huge.

Going Green has Benefits, Who Knew? I was reading an article on the Baltimore Examiner Online that I actually found through It was talking about the benefits of going green. I found most of them to be scratching the surface of what we talk about in class, but there were some points that were brought up in there that I think gives this article some merit.

One of the major points they make it "buying locally", now I have to say a majority of this article focuses on the health benefits produced by "going green", but still! Its a start Baltimore. They also bring up how bottle water isnt all its cracked up to be which I think is something everyone should know. Before starting this semester I always drank bottled water (and occasionally I still will) but, with all the things that are used to make that bottle ect. I think its better to just carry my own bottle (not to mention that money it has saved me). It just doesn't make sense to pay for water when you think about it.