Sunday, February 14, 2010


After about a week of snow and barely any internet (to the point I am unable to open most webpages and actually see anything) everything seems to be back up! It has been an interesting news week.

The Olympics have started and before the opening ceremony an Olympic luger died ( They seem to have been able to go on afterwards but, this is something that bothers me. A lot of people have said that sports are getting to be unsafe. I am a Cheerleading coach for younger girls (7-9 year olds) and I see that in my own sport. They installed "safety padding" to make it safer but, I think its still dangerous. Sports in general are being pushed too far and athletes are becoming younger and younger. It leads be to question what is going to happen in the future. There needs to be a point where it stops or more and more people will be killed.

Next, the incident with film director Kevin Smith. I honestly agree with Southwest's policy of charging someone two seats if they do not fit into one seat ( I mean I think it was handled badly, but if you cannot fit into one seat then you have to pay for two. It is no fair for the other person who is assigned the seat next to you if you are taking up a seat and a half. I just think that they did not handle it well when they informed him. It is not necessarily a 'flight risk' as they said to him. I just think he was wrong to take it the way he did. If he flies a lot he should know the policy. The airline should have informed him of the policy before he boarded though.