Thursday, February 18, 2010

'10 Problems' Photos

I realized I never made it to posting this on my blog! These were the photos I took of the "problems" I have everyday.

Making Potato Starch

Basically, if you take potatoes and put them with water in a blender it will become a pulp. Next, just boil it for a while and it will begin to separate into a paste (video above). That paste hardens in about 48 hours. It dries clear with the thickness of fabric starch or Elmer's glue.

So, I did my materials samples (finally) and they took longer to dry then I expected but here is a shot of them all together.

The balls on the far right are the button hardening samples. The rounded forms are the different materials cast into tea light trays (some worked some didn't). The center is just the raw dog felt and human hair thread.