Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silicone Casting Video, Part 1

What I did this afternoon =3

Spring 2011.Week 3.Recap (sorta)

This week has been fun. I feel that it was productive, but of course it could always be more productive, but I have a few more days left in the week. 
Here are some images of my figure class:
Poor model was sick, I felt sorry for her, but she still did some nice poses. 

I think we had about 15 Minutes to do this. 

Didn't really touch this side. :(

This speaks for itself.
Anyway, next class we will be doing a pose for the entire class. This sounds awesome to me. I can't wait, so be prepared for a post next Tuesday with this!

From the first pose of the day. I wish I had moved to a different angle to draw this. It was a 35 minute drawing in conte. I think it came out pretty well. 
Casting is coming along well. Be prepared for updates throughout the weekend as I work on my sketches for the Blood Diamonds project as well as my Wax Studies. 

Getting more refined I still am standing out some of the scratches and patching up as I go,  but it's getting there. 
Skeletal Form

I will upload some sketches and some more forms later, but I think things are coming along quite well!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring 2011. Casting. Wax Studies Day 1

My wax arrived and I finally was able to sit down today and start to carve. I didn't remember how much fun it was  from that little tiny bit of carving I did before. I love this! I love it LOVE IT LOVEEEEE IT!

Anyway, my form is starting to come along. I want to perfect it over tomorrow and have it ready for Saturday so I can start working on the rest of the forms. I feel like I am a little behind due to the time constraints of the project, but I am not going to panic yet. Here is the first day of work on the model, I would have to say I started around 8:15 am and finished up to this stage at 11am. So it was pretty fast work. I went through and scribed in some areas I want to go back into a little more tonight and tomorrow and I am going to sand it and clean it up on Friday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring 2011.Casting.Line

Just working on some creative caffeine around the idea of line. Here is my favorite image from the set:
The rest can be viewed on my Flickr here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring 2011. RP. CloudRP Tests 1

Today my box arrived from Ponoko's CloudRP. Initial comments:
- Ordered Jan. 31st, arrived Feb. 10th; not a terrible turn around
- Very inexpensive with a prime membership. If you are doing a lot of printing, it is worth getting one.

I love the stickers Ponoko uses. It is so much fun to see them on your porch!

Inside was some sweet sustainable packaging. I am in love with this for some reason. 

Test pieces look good. They are small, but will do for my needs at the moment. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nurse-In, 2/10/2011

My mom brought to my attention an article that went viral today about the Nurse-In scheduled for this Saturday. (here is the link for those who haven't heard). I think there is a general distaste for breasts in this country that I do not understand. I will be attending Nurse-in in support for these women. I do not have a child but I was breastfed when I was a child and I think it is within every women's right to feed their child in public. I understand the Hirshhorn was not responsible for these two contractors that asked the women to leave, but that is not the point. What's more important is that they thought this was wrong, and in fact they were breaking the law asking her to leave. Women and mothers need to know their rights and I think the protest needs to take place for awareness.

On a side note, I want to visit the Hirshhorn and the Smithsonian anyway! So it's all good!

Spring 2011. Whale Food.Semester Kick-off Party!

 So, the theme for this semester's kick-off party is Modified Pudding. Seeing as I am not a huge pudding fan and I did not have any I made my favorite mold-able snack treat--Rice Krispy Treats! (in the shape of a really big salmon/whale).
It's pretty big! That's about a 18" long cooking sheet!

It's watching you!

Spring 2011.Week 2. Figure Studies

Had my first two classes with figure models this week. This is not my first ever, in fact I think it is my 3rd figure modeling class. I love anatomical studies and figure drawing.

Quick 1 minute poses

More 1 minute poses

5 minute pose

5 minute pose

20 minute sculpture 

30 minute sculpture

Spring2011. Casting. Cuttlebone Casting

Today we did cuttlebone casting. It was a fun experience though mine unfortunately did not make it. I want to thank Rachel for her time and expertise in helping us pour our metal though!

Spring 2011.Week 1.Sketches

I think my focus for my wax studies project is somewhere between a study of anatomy and an obsession with decay and death. I don't know if the analysis of death reads in my sketches so far, but I don't know how totally important that is to the series. After work tomorrow I am going to crank a bunch of sketches out and sculpt a few of them. I feel like I know where I am going, but I am not quite there yet.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Spring 2011.Week 1. Anatomical Studies and the Analysis of Death

For casting, we have a project I have already mentioned briefly to take an asymmetrical and a symmetrical object and take them from a skeletal state to a skinned state. This means having a mesh like outside to a fully rendered image. I keep thinking of this like it is a 3D model and you are looking at it in wireframe, ghosted, rough rendered, fully rendered in its four states. When I started to think about it, I started to think about the human body. I originally in my head was thinking about how we have skeletons all the way to skin, but I then thought thats way too literal. So, I then started to think about when we die, the only thing that ends up of use is our skeleton and from there I started to think about how over time if left exposed even the skeleton will begin to wear away over hundreds or thousands of years.

I started to think about what things look like when they wear away, like the pocketed surface of things and I took some pictures of cracked rocks and surfaces I could find and I am taking a lot of surface texturing ideas from them. (On a side note, there are about 100 of these and I will be uploading them to my Flickr tonight).  I started to draw out distinctive looking bones and figures and I think what I want to do from here is to take these textures and begin to apply them over the surface of the bones to show how over time nature breaks down them. So far I am working on the 'SKIN' end of the spectrum with the full bone intact.

I am going to keep working on them throughout this weekend so just check back. Also, the rest of the texture samples can be found here.  Enjoy <3

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sping 2011.Week 1.Blender Work

Just my experiments with blender. I honestly am pretty slow right now because I am still trying to learn all the tools but after about 2 hours of work I made it to here:

I am actually loving Blender a lot. it has a lot more functionality for this kind of thing that I have found in other programs and the interface is rather easy.

I am going to take the clay version and see if I can cast it in plaster and it would be totally awesome to make a mold and a wax and cast it in bronze then compare. Either way, I am going to keep up the work and see where this takes me.

Week 1.Updates to the Updates.Casting/RP/Figure

Everything is really coming together this semester! I picked just the right classes and I really think that all of them are going to connect together in an awesome way.

Going a new direction in my Skeleton/Skin project so that plasticine model I made of the little man I guess no longer applies, but he got me to thinking about it and I want to use him in my independent study. I really think it would be cool to take a design (like him) and transfer it into different materials but more on that in a minute. I think for casting I want to work with the human form and like warp and rotate it as it goes and to a symmetrically balanced pose and an assymetrical post and go from the skeletal lines of an early drawing and build it up with different textures and layers. I was thinking it could be like a sitting figure or something. I will get my anatomy books and work on some possible poses then break out the sculpey.

RP Study-
Okay really excited and I have a few things I am working on. I want to take the little clay face and put him into blender and model him. I took some photos as reference and I going to start to get to work. I also would love to take him and cast him in plaster and maybe using some type of injection molding turn him into a wax model I could cast. I think it would be really cool to see all the tool marks and things from making him by hand and then seeing it done in 3D modelling. I also think it would be really neat if I could have the plaster or bronze version then laser scanned and 3D printed to show all the different things you can do in the design world with traditional sculptural techniques meeting 3D techniques. I also would think it would be really cool to see how it can be scaled up and down in the computer to become any size.

This class its just starting but I think it is going to be really cool. He said there is an opportunity to do wax casting and the professor is crazy into 3D modelling as well. I think this class has a lot of prospect.

Okay, sorry for the text blog today. All the pictures and things will be up shortly. I am working off an old desktop at the moment until I can get my Macbook Pro, so I have yet to set up the camera or anything to be able to put pictures up.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Google Art Project

 For all of you that haven't heard of Google Art Project, I highly recommend a visit. It is a digital collection of the art works in many major museums including MoMA, the Met, and the Van Gogh Museum. It is the largest project of it's time and brings museums all over the world to your finger tips allowing you to zoom to amazing detail. Also, I have a feeling with the introduction of web 2.0 craft and sculptural peices will be done in 3D using laser scanning technologies.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring 2011.Week 1.Updates

The spring semester is upon us, and I couldn't be more excited. I have a wonderful class line-up this semester and I think I can make big things happen.

Last class we went over the introductory stuff really, I can't wait to get my hands into this! Next class we will be working on cuttlefish bone molds. I did some research on them and they seem to be pretty interesting. Apparently they originated in the Mediteranian somewhere in the 1st or 2nd century and was perfected in the 6th and 7th century. From there, it appears that this technigue was found all over Europe going as far as Germany where some 4th century belt buckles were found that showed distinct signs of cuttlebone mold markings. The cuttlebone itself is the hard bone found in the head area of the Cuttlefish which is a type of squid and apparently a delicacy in Italy (especially their ink which is used as a type of sauce for pasta!). The cuttlebone technique is one of the simpliest casting techniques out there and I am excited to try it out next class.

We also got a project, that was posted on the blackboard site, we haven't gone over it yet but, I have read it over and I am doing some preliminary thinking. It is to created a series of wax models, one symmetrical one asymmetrical, that go from the skeleton to the skin of the model. I instantly thought of buildings, animals, plants, organs, and finally settled on some of Da Vinci's really cool "grotesques" and anatomical facial studies. I figured those are very symmetrical (the face) and easy to research from the skeleton (literally) to the skin. For the skin I was thinking it didnt have to stop with the actual skin but it could go as far as clothing ect. I started just to make some really simple clay models and I made this little guy. He has a face only a Momma could love, but I adore him.

Rapid Prototyping-
I did some small prototypes to test sample work and sent them off to CloudRP on monday and I should get them back pretty soon so I can decide which sample I like best to order all of the materials in. I also have been working on my Research Grant Proposal all week. There are a lot of books on rapid prototyping, but most of them are very scientific. There are not many "design" related books on rapid prototyping, so it is hard to show that I'm "knowledgable" on the research that is out there. Don't get me wrong, I have spent all winter looking at books, but everything I have found is just limited.  I will keep working on it throughout the week and hopefully something comes to me. I would really like to get the funding for the test samples for the studio. I think that would really benefit everyone.