Monday, December 7, 2009

Ya know...MAYBE ITS A SIGN MS. DIXON!,0,4276214.htmlpage I think to myself today, Why is Sheila Dixon still in office. She was caught redhanded using giftcards to Best Buy and Target buying PERSONAL items that were seized in her home...yet she is still in office because she won't step down. The news above shows a slim majority that want her out and I agree with this article ...HOW DUMB ARE THE PEOPLE OF BALTIMORE?

This weekend the Major's Parade through Hampden was greeted with the shouts of "Theif" and "Where are MY giftcards?" yet, Major Dixon sat pretty and waved to the crowd.
The statement that I most agree with "Sheila Dixon stole gift cards intended for poor children and she also had an affair with a married man. Yet many people claimed Dixon was a good, church-going woman. What church taught those ethics and morals? Was Dixon’s church located on The Block?" Now, I will be the first to admit, I don't like Major Dixon, never really have. And, this isnt the first time she has been suspected of doing something wrong.

When will she get that she was caught in the act and step down before it ruins her forever? Right now parading around like nothing happened is just angering people more. She needs to end this all now before it gets worse.

Homeless Veterans

Somethings make you wonder what is going on in the world. Recently in Chicago a homeless shelter was opened for veterans. It was not really even an article, more of like a blurb about it opening in the worldpress.,homeless-shelter-veterans-120709.article The fact that we are allowing returning war veterans to go homeless is a crime. They fought for this country and they deserve more respect. Even if you oppose the war something should be done for them.

I also wonder about the training they are recieving in the military if they are unable to transition out of it into a stable job. My godbrother was trained as a plane and h-vac mechanic to which he still works in that field today. He left the marines as an MP only a few years ago. I wonder what changed to make it so that these men can't leave with a useable skill.

My other problem with this is, it is only a men's shelter. Now, I realize the military is predominantly male;however, there ARE women in the military. I am sure they are affected the same way these men are. How are they being helped?