Sunday, October 11, 2009

Missing Blog Post from Project 1

Going back through my project 1 posts I noticed I missed the post of the list of activities and events that I saw on my day walking around of possible social issues. So, here is a typed copy of that list:

1. Traffic
a. people not carpooling
b. inconsiderate weaving in and out of lanes
c. gas consumption waiting in traffic
2. Students texting in class
a. wasting tuition money
b. disrespect to teachers
3. Isolation
a. ipods
4.Food Waste in the Dining Hall
a. easier to get snacks and fast food then hot meals
6.Towson not pedestrian-friendly outside of campus
a. can never use the mirror girls always around it
b.crowded sinks
8. Trash on the field where we practice
a. people not be responsible for their environment
9. Girls growing up too fast
a. Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers shirts
b. little girls wearing makeup
10. glorifying crime
a. late night crime dramas
b. violent videogames

Women more likely to be hit by Cars?

I was reading an article on the BBC that I could not really fathom as being true. It was talking about how women are more likely to be hit by lorries in the UK.

I honestly don't buy their reasoning for this, however, it did get me to thinking about the way women's bikes are made. They think it is why so many women get hit and killed on them. I always wondered by male bikes have that bar that come up in the middle that would seem to be very uncomfortable if you hit a bump where as women's bikes sit lower in a more comfortable way. It seems like a very poor design.

Plus, I think what this article needs to research is the proportion of women to men that ride bicycles. It could be that more women are killed because there is significantly more women on bikes in the UK. I don't think this article is fully researched and to me has an undercurrent of sexism disguised loosely with facts.

EU Treaty

So, I like to see what's going in the rest of the world. It seems the European Union Lisbon Treaty might be passed soon according to the Germany Times It amazes me that in 2009, almost 2010, we are still sorting out land in the aftermath of World War II. I know there is too much greed and the struggle for power in the world for people to be able to agree but this is one more step towards peace, or a temporary peace. I think that there would be a lot less trouble in the world if there was not this imperialistic attitude for land between nations. If we could all just be happy with what we have and not be so consumed with what we want the world would be a much better place.