Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sping 2011.Week 1.Blender Work

Just my experiments with blender. I honestly am pretty slow right now because I am still trying to learn all the tools but after about 2 hours of work I made it to here:

I am actually loving Blender a lot. it has a lot more functionality for this kind of thing that I have found in other programs and the interface is rather easy.

I am going to take the clay version and see if I can cast it in plaster and it would be totally awesome to make a mold and a wax and cast it in bronze then compare. Either way, I am going to keep up the work and see where this takes me.

Week 1.Updates to the Updates.Casting/RP/Figure

Everything is really coming together this semester! I picked just the right classes and I really think that all of them are going to connect together in an awesome way.

Going a new direction in my Skeleton/Skin project so that plasticine model I made of the little man I guess no longer applies, but he got me to thinking about it and I want to use him in my independent study. I really think it would be cool to take a design (like him) and transfer it into different materials but more on that in a minute. I think for casting I want to work with the human form and like warp and rotate it as it goes and to a symmetrically balanced pose and an assymetrical post and go from the skeletal lines of an early drawing and build it up with different textures and layers. I was thinking it could be like a sitting figure or something. I will get my anatomy books and work on some possible poses then break out the sculpey.

RP Study-
Okay really excited and I have a few things I am working on. I want to take the little clay face and put him into blender and model him. I took some photos as reference and I going to start to get to work. I also would love to take him and cast him in plaster and maybe using some type of injection molding turn him into a wax model I could cast. I think it would be really cool to see all the tool marks and things from making him by hand and then seeing it done in 3D modelling. I also think it would be really neat if I could have the plaster or bronze version then laser scanned and 3D printed to show all the different things you can do in the design world with traditional sculptural techniques meeting 3D techniques. I also would think it would be really cool to see how it can be scaled up and down in the computer to become any size.

This class its just starting but I think it is going to be really cool. He said there is an opportunity to do wax casting and the professor is crazy into 3D modelling as well. I think this class has a lot of prospect.

Okay, sorry for the text blog today. All the pictures and things will be up shortly. I am working off an old desktop at the moment until I can get my Macbook Pro, so I have yet to set up the camera or anything to be able to put pictures up.