Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Problem with Prototypes

edit: I fixed the prints, it was a problem with the ppi. They are printed and are now being hand cut and put through the sticker maker. The next step is the interactive blog that goes along with them.

I worked all weekend on the stickers trying to get them to print. I got a really nice glossy cardstock and that sticker machine Anita and Elise talked about last class. It worked really well. I ran into the problem when I went to print them. It seems that I need a higher resolution of lipstick marks in order to print them out;however, I'm not entirely convinced its not my printer doing this. They are very pixelated and I tried to reduce the size and they still came out very pixelated. The thing was EVEN THE TEXT was pixelated. Which I have never had that problem.

So, its back to the drawning board a bit. I am going to make scans of actual lipstick marks instead of recoloring and fixing up a stock image. I am hoping I still get the same effect I had with the other ones.

More to come as I fix this -tiny- problem.