Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recession Not Just a US Problem

In the last couple of days, there has been a lot of talks about schools and economy in the United States news. I know that Towson Catholic was being forced to shut its doors today due to a lot of fund and a few schools throughout the US couldn't show Obama's speech due to a lack of technology to show it. The lack of technology was due to recent budget cuts throughout the school system making it impossible for the schools to replace broken a/v equiptment.

I was reading the New York Times today and I was surprised to read an article called Recession Batters Britain's Smaller Private Schools. It told a similar story to the Towson Catholic saga that is playing out right now. St. David's School for Girls was recently forced to shut its doors due to a lack of funding. This displaced 240 girls some of them seniors in high school. The school could just not afford the upkeep of the building and the increasing technological demands of today's educational system.

So if this is a global problem of schools not being able to keep up finances in today's world, then what kind of education do we expect our children to be able to recieve? If there is no money to buy the things needed to keep the school running how long will it be until it effects our public school system? I know for years they have threatened to cancel programs like music and arts but finding doing so would only negatively effect the children. How long until they find something new to cut? Like gym? I mean there has to be a way for the school system to be more cost-effective.