Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 12 - Design and Production and Jewelry 3 - Progress Check

Okay, So it's been a little bit since I got to blog, but I have been working.
Let's start with Design and Production:

My models arrived...well part one of them the rest of them will be here tomorrow and Thursday. I am really excited to see my rings arrive.

Without more ranting here they are:

 They came out pretty prefect. I am currently working on finishing them. I have tried flocking them in a red, it looks pretty nice on the earrings bases. I have also tried coloring them with a thick water color and then sealing them. I have to say of the two, I love the painted versions. They can be virtually any color and are simple to produce. I am going to work on coating them in thin colored resin next. It is a bit better for wearable rings. I don't know if the painting could hold up on the rings long enough. I am going to place earring backs on the earrings tonight so I can paint them tomorrow. 

Jewelry 3:
Working on making some injection molds. I want to work on finishing solutions tomorrow because the injection material isn't the most gorgeous looking thing in the world. Anyway, I spent today figuring out what material to go with and I think I am going to work with the medium. It is harder to inject, but I like the sound it makes when it is hit together and I feel as you walk with it on it would make that noise and I also like the coloring a bit better then the others.

Can't blog much more, pretty excited and I am about to mix up a batch of resins for my earrings and to work with injection pieces.