Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some of my Design Research for Project 2

So I have been doing some research on what has been done about positive eating/self-image and there is a ton.
One of my favorites is this commercial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94c43AlwLKo&NR=1 There are quite a few like this so, it's not a super original idea I guess. I really how theyies. play with dual realities.

I also began by researching retouching models ect, which you can find on my creative caffeine.

There are hundreds of sites that advocate eating disorder awareness *just a few sites*:
http://www.eatingdisorderinfo.org/Advocacy/EatingDisordersAdvocacy/tabid/978/Default.aspx (They have a store but, it is just logos and text with their slogans)

All of these share the same things, they are all about awareness and having eating almost in a negative way. There are very few places I know that have a positive message about eating (www.slowlab.org) and their "Go Slow" like what was featured in the Pioneer's of Change in New York.

That's where I got my idea: promote good eating, not the negative side. Proper eating habits are not taught anymore because of the rush of business ect. School lunches used to be like an hour and now they are only 20 minutes. Everything is a rush.

So I decided to make a "tablecloth bag" dining set.
I could not find any specific "bag into tablecloth or blanket" that is commerically made. I know there have been blanket bags before though.
A lot of the design was inspired by Mio's Organic Hammock (http://www.casasugar.com/3060320) for Target. It is very sustainable however, there is a bag attached that it goes into. I wanted it to fold up INTO the bag itself.

The text the imagery I want to be very simple and basic. I used www.worldlingo.com to research the different languages and from what I can see they are pretty on.