Friday, September 18, 2009

Just some More Research for Project 1 Just an interesting article about a self image project where they altered barbie dolls to make them more realistic to acutal life.

So, I think I have my project into its final stages. I want to basically put out a basket of cosmetics (I am keeping a budget of $50 for the entire project so this won't be anything very expensive probably makeup from the dollar store). Then I will sticker them with different "who are you doing this for" messages and place pamphlets with them and package them in little gift bags. I will leave this baskets of gift bags in ladies rooms. The cosmetics will all be sealed in their original packaging. There will be a little sign on the basket that says "Free". Basically I am hoping to make a few of these baskets with like 5 or 10 of the cosmetic products each. Then I will sticker bathroom stalls and maybe mirrors of resturants and public places. They will have a link to a blog/webpage im setting up with just some basic information about self image and links to self image research and clinics.