Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring 2011. Updates!

I haven't updated in about 2 weeks, but a busy two weeks it has been.


Wax studies is invested and ready to be cast on Monday! Here's to hoping it works!
The pieces:

I also started on my blood diamonds making the carriers for the pins and needles. I ordered 100 sterling silver acupuncture needles which should arrive roughly right after spring break.

Independent Study:

First off, Big news! I got my research grant! Meaning I will be printing a physical database of rapid prototyped models in the near future for Towson University.

Second, me and the lovely Rachel Timmins have been building a makerbot.
We got pretty far, but unfortunately we were missing some screws and had to put it on haitus until the screws arrive. 

This weeks sculpture. We had to go back to some more compact poses because a few were breaking in the kiln. Luckily none of mine were broken.

Anyway, another thing I wanted to touch on was the earthquake in Japan last night/today. (
This is huge! The fact of the matter is it doesn't just affect Japan like some people were saying today. There are far reaching impacts to this, including 2 potential nuclear meltdowns and a burning oil refinery. It is affecting the U.S. as well. Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington will all be affected by the waves and the possibility for reactionary quakes along the California fault lines. I hope that like with Haiti the world comes together to help Japan and some of the other countries that will be effected such as the Phillipines and Hawaii. This is a major event that relatively has minor coverage considering the far reaching possibilities of what this event has caused.