Monday, October 19, 2009

Do Good Design Reading Summary

Main Points About Designing and Designers from Do Good Design:
- Just like Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility: We as designers have a responsibility to our public with what we create. We have to take responsibility for the consequences of our designs.
- Not just about the design anymore but, about the ethics around the message you produce. You as a designer have a responsibility for the public you design for.
- "Imagine: what if we didn't just do good design...we did good?" motto for design
- The messages we put out will affect the generations to come.
- "It takes a village to raise a child. I would say that it takes a society to raise a generation."
- Watch the claims you make as a Designer!
- Example: Drink Milk, Enjoy Life. Does that mean if you don't drink milk you in turn do not enjoy life? What the message you send to people.
-Think how people are going to interact with your design
- Example: 2000 Election with the poor designed ballot. What if Bush was not elected President? What would have taken place or not have taken place?
- We as a culture are plagued with overconsumption which is driven by bad media
- "It is unfortunate that the culture that was the most influential of the 20th century also happens to be the world's most environmentally unsustainable."
- Media is everywhere you look and you are constantly bombarded with messages to buy and consume.
- The brands from the U.S. market their products outside of the U.S. when the marketing fails to work here.
- In cultures where negative health effects of products are not as well known, the products are more heavily marketed.
- Brand loyalty is a very powerful idea, it can sway a consumer.
- "Designers are at the core of the most efficient, most destructive patter of deception in human history."
- Example: Nike swooshes on everything now. Coke logo on billboards in Africa where people buy Coca-Cola instead of anti-malaria pills.
-Branding is everywhere you look now.
- Presidential-election speeches then and now. Used to be in Memorial Coliseum now, in Pepsi Center and INVESCO Field.
-Places are now trying to counteract overmediazation of society.
- No billboards in Vermont and Sao Pablo
-" Be careful what you create." Not only are you responsible but, it can have dire consequences.
-"[R]ather then sharing our cycles of style, consumption and chemical addictions, designers can use their professional power, persuasive skills, and wisdom to help distribute ideas that the world really needs: health information, conflict resolution, tolerance, technology, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, human rights, well as share the antidote for the buying and spending virus for which all have not yet built up resistance."
-Sexuality and women have been used in marketing for years.
- The old adage "Sex sells" still stands in today's marketing strategies.
- Is it our responsibility to change the world? The change starts locally and move globally. The best way to effect change is to start at home and move outward slowly with positive messages.

Balloon Hoax

Okay after reading the article from Worldpress today about the balloon hoax ( I feel sufficiently informed to weigh in.

I first heard about this in the break room of my work on Friday afternoon. That is when the mysterious video managed to surface of the couple watching the balloon take-off. From right there it looked extremely fake. If they thought there child was inside a balloon (FILLED WITH HELIUM NOT OXYGEN SO HOW IS HE BREATHING?!?!?!) why were they not trying to get him out? They were just standing there watching the balloon take off. Then, they said that the wife was supposed to have tethered the balloon down and they kids could ride in it. Okay, a little more plausible but still, why would a 6 year old be unattended in a balloon. While it's not hydrogen I'm seeing distaster.

Then, the way in which he called for help- The FAA, The local News, then the police. First off, I understand the FAA, he was in this field and knew that an unidentified object would normally be shot down which would probably not be beneficial for getting his son back. THEN THE NEWS THOUGH? What good would that do you? You need the police in this matter, not the news. Reporters would just complicate things. He claimed it was so they could track the balloon. I think that to be total hogwash.
Even on Wife Swap with the Heene's, Richard seemed a bit crazy if not bipolar (if you haven't seen it check it out on Hulu like I did a few minutes ago, its hilarious in its absuridity) they also have up the ridiculous music video they did of their children signing about how they are not pussies. I find the music video to be the most offensive if you ask me.
They are exploiting their children for more fame. They are failed actors and they are trying to milk the system for that its worth. This is an octomom event all over again. I pray to god they don't get a reality t.v. deal out of this.